What is a Torque limiter?

A SSPTP torque limiter is an Friction based automatic equipment that protects mechanical equipment, or its work, from damage by mechanical overload . Torque Limiting Couplings, specifically, work by slipping during torque overload to prevent driven components from experiencing excessive torque loads.

It works on friction theory, which provides jerk free disengaging and engagement of the drive.
A torque limiting coupling limit the torque by slipping on friction disc. It may also uncouple the load completely.
A torque limiter is especially useful when you want to limit any damage due to crash stops and jams. If a torque overload occurs, the Torque Limiter is able to protect critical equipment by disconnecting the driving shaft from the driven components.

Torque Limiter coupling

Key features of Torque limiter Coupling

  • A torque limiter is an automatic equipment that protects mechanical equipment from damage by mechanical overload
  • A torque limiter Coupling may limit the torque by slipping, as happens in a friction plate slip-clutch, or uncouple the load entirely like a shear pin
  • A torque limiting coupling is basically a mechanical fuse used to shut down the machine and allow the rotating energy to dissipate without causing excessive damage
  • At very low speeds systems can develop a huge amount of unnecessary torque
  • If the conveying system jams, the Torque Limiter Coupling will disconnect the driving motor automatically from the conveyor to protect critical components.
  • Gearboxes are an additional safety mechanism that prevents excess torque from reaching unsafe components in the driven system

Applications of Torque limiter

  • A torque limiting system is used to shut down the machine and allow the rotating energy to dissipate without causing excessive damage
  • It is used as a critical device in the design of different types of machines in safety against damage and downtime caused by overloading machines
  • Torque limiter Couplings behave as 1:1 transmission, as long as torque is less than a specified value
  • Torque limiters, when the torque surpasses the limit, operate as a clutch to quickly disconnect the drive from the driven system, removing much of the inertial energy from the drive train
  • Torque limiting systems are used in packaging machinery and conveyors
  • Used in assembly lines and machine tools
  • Used in woodworking machines and textile machinery
  • Used in industrial robots and sheet metal processing equipment
  • Used in printing and converting machines
  • Used in servo and DC motor drives
Torque limiter

Torque Limiter Couplings

Torque Limiter

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