SSPTP is a renowned manufacturer name when it comes to Chains and Sprockets. As well established and experienced chain sprocket manufacturers, we believe that with high quality, comes high precision, and with high precision comes reliability. Therefore, with our every product, we have laid a foundation of trust and reliability that ensures our customers products with quality and accuracy.

SSPTP Chain And Sprocket Is Useful for When The Distance Between Shafts Is Relatively Large Compared To The Desired Size Of The Gearing. The Sacrifice Is Typically Strength As Solid Gear Teeth Are Usually Stronger Than Chains.



What is a Sprocket?

Sprockets are a wheel like structure, with teeth and cogs that are equipped with a chain that are used to transmit torque. Sprockets and chains are a combination that are used to change the motor’s direction, torque and even speed.
Chain sprockets are basically wheels that comprise of radial projections that facilitate a chain to pass over it and transmit motion from one sprocket to other.

Both gear and chain sprockets seem similar, but are distinguished specifically due to the fact that sprockets never mesh together, unlike gears.
We claim to be the best chain sprocket manufactures for a reason, and that’s the highest quality efficiency that we provide. We have a good number of designs ready at our table and can make them available as and when needed.

Types of Sprockets

There are a number of sprockets available in market that can be applied for different types of machinery, and we take pride to provide the best ones to you. We chain sprocket manufactures, produce four main types of sprockets that are one of the most popular ones and are used on a large scale globally.

  • Simplex Sprockets
  • Duplex Sprockets
  • Triplex Sprockets
  • Conveyor Sprockets

Key features of Sprockets

Sprockets and chains, be it simplex, duplex, triplex, or conveyor, are manufactured on a large scale globally and are one of the key components of a huge number of machineries, especially vehicles.

Some key features of our sprockets

  • High quality and extremely efficient material
  • Highest quality accuracy
  • More efficient and compact than belt drives( as they do not slip)
  • Ability to effectively operate at high temperatures
  • Much easier to install and remove
  • Capable to run at high speeds
  • Some of the chain sprockets like simplex, duplex, triplex, or conveyor sprockets are noiseless even at high speeds

Applications of Sprockets

Chain sprockets are equipped with an in numerous numbers of chain links which engage with the toothed sprockets and work out the motion and movement of the applications it is fitted into.

Primary sprockets are well known to perform three main functions of power transmission, convey of material, and timing.

  • Sprockets are used in vehicles like motorcycles, cars, etc. They are especially very commonly used in bicycles.
  • Sprocket helps to transmit rotary motion between two shafts where gears may not be suitable
  • Sprockets provide linear motion to the tracks
  • Sprockets are most commonly used from one shaft to another for power transmission
  • Sprockets are used for different types of machinery to facilitate the rotating movement
  • Sprockets are also used in agricultural and farming equipment’s
  • Sprockets are used in chain-driven machinery, such as conveyor belts
  • Some sprockets like simplex, duplex, triplex, or conveyor sprockets are used in bicycles for higher efficiency

We manufacture following types of sprockets:

Simplex Sprocket
Duplex Sprocket
Triplex Sprockets
Conveyor Sprockets
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